Alexa - Site Rankings

Alexa is a web information company that allows you to check the ranking of your site in the world and locally, you can obtain a free account or upgrade should you need more in-depth reports, it is a handy way for checking quickly if your site is improving. You can also download a toolbar to use which will tell you instantly the rankings of any site you visit.

Hootsuite – Social Media Tool

Hootsuite is an in-browser dashboard program that allows you to manage all your social media networks in one place. You have the ability to post to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and any other social networks you are a member of with one click of a button. You can also monitor your streams so there is no need to keep switching accounts, great for being ultra-responsive to client enquiries. If you opt for the Pro Account you are also able to bulk schedule your updates as well as run monthly reports, this is a "Must Have" tool for anyone wanting to manage their own Social Media. We provide our visitors with 25% off the Pro Account. To claim your 25% off, simply use our link below

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SEOquake – Search Engine Optimisation Tool Bar

This is a toolbar designed to use with the Firefox browser, it offers several options for checking the SEO of sites, including diagnosis, Google PR ranking, keyword density, information on the website you are browsing and much more. At a quick glance you can see all the information in the tool bar, with the option to expand this to a more in-depth report making this a very useful tool to check your own and other websites. SEOquake is free to download.


Most people are aware that Google offer a comprehensive suite of tools for managing your website and what is great about Google Tools is that they are all free!. The main tools anyone who wants to maintain their own SEO is Google Analytics; which allows you to monitor the flow of traffic to their site, including demographics and keywords, Google Webmaster Tools; which gives you an overview of the health of your site, and finally Google Adwords, specifically the Google Keyword Planner that gives you all the information on the amount of traffic both globally and locally.


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