"I started working with SMSS adjusting few web pages."

They'd review the info being present on a site and after a custom-made SEO search, the team would adjust the texts and contents accordingly. In addition I'd get the full report and I could see for myself what specifically was implemented. In some cases there would be suggestions for small technical tweaks here and there. And they were very collaborative with my existing web designer, though I am aware they have a great web design team on board.

While my work is highly publicised in the Media and it is easily searched on the internet, for some reason my website wasn't showing up in the searches. SMSS didn't just rectify the problem for me, they are ensuring, on a regular basis that my site is showing up among the first search results on google and other search engines. After all, that's my work so why would the potential clients waste their time trying to find it?

The results were so great that I've purchased the full SEO package from SMSS that comes with the social media support.

Highly recommend the SMSS team. Though I think the fact that we work on a permanent base now, speak higher than my recommendation :)

Thank you SMSS!



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